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Newsletter Jan 26
Due Date: 1/26/2015
Subject: Third Grade

January 26-30



1.  i have listed the dates for the ELA and Math Assessments under the Calendar tab on my website.  The tests should fall on or around these dates depending on our schedule.  Please check this announcement sheet for any changes as we progress through the year.  Also the new standards for the week are listed on this announcement sheet.  You can access this website   to read the standards. Follow these steps after you get on the website: click on courses of study, then English Language Arts or Math, then Grade 3.  Remember that these standards are cumulative - we reteach and review standards all during the year

2.  Third grade Showcase- Thursday, January 29 at 5:30

Mrs. Mote’s Math Group



13.) Understand a fraction 1/b as the quantity formed by 1 part when a whole is partitioned into b equal parts; understand a fraction a/b as the quantity formed by a parts and size 1/b. [3-NF1]





14.) Understand a fraction as a number on the number line; represent fractions on a number line diagram. [3-NF2]


a. Represent a fraction 1/b on a number line diagram by defining the interval from 0 to 1 as the whole and partitioning it into b equal parts. Recognize that each part has size 1/b and that the endpoint of the part based at 0 locates the number 1/b on the number line. [3-NF2a]


b. Represent a fraction a/b on a number line diagram by marking off a lengths 1/b from 0. Recognize that the resulting interval has size a/b and that its endpoint locates the number a/b on the number line. [3-NF2b]



Standards: CC.3.OA3,5,7,8,9        Skills:   Fractions

                                                                Addition and Subtraction within 1,00

                   3.NBT 1,2                               multiplication and division

                   3.MD 3,4                                 solving word problems addition, subtraction,

                                                                 multiplication and division



                Monday: Study facts, w/b pg. 165-166

                Tuesday: study facts, w/b pg. 167-168

                Wednesday:  study facts, w/b pg. 169-179

                Thurs: study facts, no written


Mrs. Mote’s Reading Group



4.2           draw conclusions


                  multiple meaning words

                  soft g and c words

compare and contrast




RI – 3.1, 3.3, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.10                                                                      

RF 3.3 a-d, 3.4 a,c                                                                  

SL  3.1 a-d. 3.2, 3.4, 3.6                                                                             ,



                Monday:  read aloud 15 min

                Tuesday:  read aloud “Animals with Parachutes”                      

                Wednesday: read aloud”America’s First People”

                Thursday:  read aloud 15 minutes,


Standards:                                    Skill:  sentence structure

L3.1 a,b,f,I                                            

L3.3 a,b                                                

L3.4 a,b,c,d




Monday:pg 113

Tuesday: none

Wednesday: none

Thursday: none




Spelling: -Test Thursday

Standards:                  1.





Monday: none

Tuesday: study words

Wednesday: study words, sp pg 113

Thursday: none

Mrs. Mote’s Homeroom

Science -


Simple Machines


                       Monday : none

                       Tuesday: none

                       Wednesday: none

                        Thursday: none



Social Studies:  Test Thirsday Jan 26 on Week 12

Standard: Social Studies 3.6  Identify conflicts within and between geographic areas involving use of land, economic competition for scarce resources, opposing political views, boundary disputes, and cultural differences.

S.S. 3.13  Describe prehistoric and historic American Indian cultures, governments, and economics in Alabama.



                Monday:  none            

                Tuesday: review for test     

                Wednesday: review for test        

                Thursday: none