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Services for Students with Speech or Language Impairment  

Tallassee City Schools

Services for Students with Speech or Language Impairment

Tallassee City Schools employs two certified Speech-Language Pathologists who provide services for students with Speech or Language Impairment.

 A speech or language impairment (as it relates to the educational environment) means a communication disorder in one or more of the following areas that adversely affects a child’s educational performance or participation in the classroom:


(speech sound production)


(pitch, loudness, quality, inflection, resonance)


(interruptions in the rate and rhythm of speech characterized by hesitations and/or repetitions of sounds or syllables)


Receptive Language

(ability to comprehend spoken language)

Expressive Language

(the use of spoken language)

Referral For Evaluation or Screening

Students ages 3 to 21 who are suspected of having a disability are referred for a speech and/or language evaluation or screening.

 Our certified speech-language pathologists complete speech and/or language evaluations or screenings, report findings, and work with parents and educators to meet student needs in the area of communication skills.

 An Eligibility team determines if an evaluated student meets eligibility criteria to receive special education services in the area of speech or language impairment as stated in the Alabama Administrative Code in accordance with Federal Regulations related to Special Education Services.


Service Provision


 An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed for students who are determined to have a speech or language impairmentthat adversely affects educational performance. This plan is developed and decided upon by the parent, speech-language pathologist, classroom teacher and other members of an interdisciplinary team. The IEP’s purpose is to develop goals and a plan for therapy or other interventions/services that would enable the student to be successful in the regular education classroom or preschool environment.

Our speech-language pathologists use a variety of therapy resources including thematic units, curriculum in accordance with the Alabama course of study, interactive technology programs, online activities, arts and crafts, literature, reading programs and more. Each student benefits from an individualized method of instruction with different levels of functioning and learning styles considered. Both individual and group therapy is available to best meet student communication needs.

 Students with developmental delays are offered special education services including speech therapy services (if needed) in a specially designed preschool program for students with special needs. This program facilitates development in the areas of communication, daily living, social/emotional skills, motor development, cognitive development and pre-academic skills.