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Remember to view our class assignments online at

Please check your child’s take home folder each night. Also remember to return all graded papers each Monday.

Please continue to save all of your Capri Sun pouches, box top/Tyson labels, and soda pop tabs.

Dear Parents,


In an effort to improve system practices, Tallassee Elementary School is conducting a Parent Survey.  The information obtained from this survey will be used in writing our school's CIP for this school year. Please be assured that your responses to this survey will be anonymous.  Thank you. In order to complete the survey, please type in the following link:


~ Remember to check your child’s grades on INOW.

Notice: Parents, if your contact information changes, please a note. Thanks.


~Please sign up for remind101. Please follow our class on twitter (@nich2008lee)


~ Parents, please read with your child each night.


~ Week of March 26th – Spring Break


  ~  Doughnuts for Dads – April 4th


  ~  Progress reports – April 11th

  ~  Ident-a-Kid – April 24th


   ~ Teacher Workday – April 27th - School Closed


  ~  Field Trip – April 30th (Monday)


   ~ Award’s Day (May 10th)